The following NASA directives concerning liability, security, safety, and network security must be followed to do Business at the JPL Table Mountain Facility.

Security Access | Safety | Use of Facility | Network Security
Dormitory Use | Square Footage Fees | Security Cameras
After Hours, Weekends and Holidays | Winter Weather | Parking Procedure

Security Access: Operations staff must see a JPL/NASA badge for entry, or an approved visitor clearance. If visitors are Foreign Nationals, they must have FN approval and their passport for entry. All visitors must show picture identification upon arrival and sign in and out on official logs.

1. JPL Badge


2. Visitor Clearance must be approved by Security, form includes: Name, Date, Time, Where, Reason, Under 18 years of age, affiliation, and citizenship. (For all foreign national visits, the requests must include birthdate, passport and visa
information.) Please click here for Visitor Clearance Form. (Authorized users only)

Safety: TMF Hazard Orientation must be given to all new employees (existing TMF employees to catch up with requirement) or science users or visitors before leaving TM-17 to conduct any work. Two ways this may be accomplished, either via the video/CD or review the documentation with their supervisor or sponsor. The signed documentation is kept on file and is required for tracking purposes. The video may be viewed at TMF or online. Please click here to view the video online. Safety and Health Program Requirements: Working at the Table Mountain Facility

1. JPL TMF Hazard Orientation
2. Non JPL TMF Hazard Orientation

If working alone at anytime you must sign out a Personal Alert Button from the Operations desk and wear it at all times. This button will sound an alarm when triggered that alerts our Notifier Panel. The Notifier Panel indicates where you are and notifies not only our Operations staff but also Apple Valley Communication of a possible problem. The Operations staff will investigate the trouble and report or seek emergency help.

The JPL PI Science User is required to perform or obtain the proper safety office approval for the following:
Pre Operational Safety Review
PPE Assessment
Job Hazard Analysis
PPE Training
Must be trained in all areas that are applicable: A few examples are:
Hazard Communication
Fall Protection
Hearing Protection
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Site specific training; LN2 handling and filling procedures

Colleges or Outside businesses must provide the same information to JPL Safety Office for review and acceptance before they will be allowed to work at TMF, they are responsible to conduct their safety training and prove it was done. Also provide a signed copy of their organizations IIPP (if working for a California based company that has 10 or more employees) for review and acceptance by JPL Occupational Safety Office. All signed documentation must be on file at TMF.

Use of facility: NASA must approve the use of the facility by non-JPL/NASA businesses if they aren't contracted or subcontracted to JPL or NASA in the form of a Facility Use Request.

1. Requestor must have a JPL sponsor.
2. The JPL sponsor writes a request to the Contracts Administration Office describing: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
3. Liability, data sharing, safety, security, etc. must be meet for approval to be granted.
4. The Table Mountain Science and Technology committee must be presented with new science programs that want to locate at TMF, the committee will then assess any science conflict issues.
5. When all parties have approved, the facility use request will be granted.

Network Security: In compliance with network security concerning the JPL intranet and export controlled resources a firewall is in place to block unauthorized users. Acceptable Use Policy

Dormitory Use: TMF has 18 dormitory rooms for overnight approved science users. The process for reserving a room is to either contact the operations office at 760-249-3650 or to email the facility operations manager. The charge is currently $53.50 per night per person. All JPL employees will provide a valid project task (account) number to charge, all non JPL users will need to pay by check or money order upon check out. Checks are to be made out to: Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This fee is collected during each stay and are calculated by TMF Operations and approved by Financial Planning yearly.

Users may bring their own food and store it in the kitchen. The kitchen is fully stocked with utensils, plates, glasses, pots and pans for self serve food preparation. It is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave oven and conventional oven.

Square Footage Fees: All projects utilizing office space or building space for more than 60 days are required to pay remote site fees. These fees are collected quarterly and are calculated by TMF Operations and approved by Financial Planning yearly. Currently the per square foot fee is: $40.25 per square foot per year; $0.1105769 per square foot per day. JPL Customers will provide a valid project task (account) number to cover the square footage fees.

Security Cameras: TMF has security cameras monitoring the facility.

After Hours, Weekends, and Holidays: It is advised that anyone planning to arrive at TMF during weekends, holidays or after regular work hours should call the operations number 760-249-3650 and advise the staff of an approximated time of arrival.

Winter Weather: Prior to driving to TMF during the winter months, it is advised to call the operations number 760-249-3650 for road conditions and updated weather conditions, or visit

Parking Procedure : Click here to view the parking policy.