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MOHAVE 2009 Campaign


Updated: 16 March 2010

MOHAVE 2009 Workshop 1
NOAA, Boulder, CO, February 9-11, 2010

Tuesday February 9, 2010

9:00 Welcome                                                                          

·        Opening and Logistics                                                                           D. Hurst

·        Agenda review and update                                                                    T. Leblanc and All

9:15 MOHAVE 2009: General

·        Review of operations and datasets (15 min)                                    T. Leblanc

·        Review of Measuring Techniques (2 - 5 min each, no validation, no science)

    • CFH                                                                                              H. Vomel
    • NOAA-FPH                                                                                  E. Hall, A. Jordan
    • Raman Lidar                                                                              T. Leblanc
    • THref                                                                                            L. Miloshevich
    • GPS                                                                                             S. Gutman
    • FTS                                                                                              G. Toon
    • Microwave                                                                                  G. Nedoluha

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 MOHAVE 2009: General (continued)

·        Review of Measuring Techniques (continued)

    • Aqua- AIRS                                                                                E. Fetzer
    • Aura- MLS                                                                                  G. Nedoluha
    • Aura-TES                                                                                   B. Herman
    • ENVISAT-MIPAS                                                                       G. Toon for G. Stiller
    • ACE- FTS                                                                                  G. Toon for K. Walker

·        Review of atmospheric conditions during the campaign             T. Leblanc

·        Discussion (if needed)                                                                        All

12:00  Lunch  break

13:30 Balloon Data vs. Others

  • CFH Data Validation                                                                             H. Vomel
  • NOAA-FPH Data Validation                                                                 D. Hurst

·        PTU Sonde Data Validation                                                               L. Miloshevich

·        Discussion on the Debriefing Meetings                                          All

·        Other discussions and definition of Action Items                          All

15:00 Coffee Break and Adjourn for the Day


Wednesday 10 February 2010

09:00 Recent Lab. Experiments

  • AquaVIT Results                                                                       D. Fahey
  • Frost-Point PID and frost layer detection tests   . . . . . . . . T. Thornberry
  • Discussion and definition of Action Items                           All

09:30 Lidar Data vs. Others

  • ALVICE Lidar Data Validation (travel issues)                      S. McDermid for D. Whiteman
  • AT and STROZ Lidars Data Validation (travel issues)      S. McDermid for T. McGee
  • JPL Lidars Data Validation                                                     T. Leblanc
  • Discussion and definition of Action Items                           All

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 Microwave and FTS vs. Others (H2O profiles)

  • MIAWARA Data Validation                                                          G. Nedoluha for C. Straub
  • WVMS Data Validation                                                                G. Nedoluha
  • MkIV Data Validation (G. Toon Retrieval)                                G. Toon
  • MkIV Data Validation (M. Schneider Retrieval)                       G. Toon for M. Schneider
  • Aura-TES Data Validation (moved from Thurs AM)               B. Herman
  • Discussion and definition of Action Items                              All

12:00 Lunch break                                                                        

13:30 Column Water

  • GPS IPW Data Validation                                                             S. Gutman
  • GPS IPW Suominet Data Validation                                          T. Vanhove
  • MIAWARA IPW Data Validation                                                   G. Nedoluha for C. Straub
  • WVMS IPW Data Validation                                                         G. Nedoluha
  • MkIV IPW Data Validation                                                            G. Toon
  • MkIV IPW Data Validation (R. Sussmann Retrieval)              G. Toon for Ralf Sussmann
  • FTUVS IPW Data Validation                                                        G. Toon for S. Sander
  • Discussion and definition of Action Items                               All

15:00 Coffee Break and Adjour for the Day


18:30 Social Dinner at Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

(Please sign up with Debbie Creasey before 4:00 Tuesday)


Thursday 11 February 2010

9:00 Satellite Measurements

  • Aura MLS Data Validation                                                         G. Nedoluha for B. Read
  • Aqua- AIRS Data Validation                                                       E. Fetzer
  • ENVISAT-MIPAS Data Validation                                               G. Toon for G. Stiller
  • ACE- FTS Data Validation                                                          G. Toon for K. Walker
  • Discussion and definition of Action Items                               All

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 Other Presentations

  • The UTLS: A Review of results from the NCAR ‘09 Workshop   . . . L. Pan
  • Water Vapor – Ozone Correlations from Balloon Measurements   R. Selkirk
  • H2O–O3-PV Correlations in the UTLS as seen by Lidar             . . . T. Leblanc
  • Discussion and definition of Action Items                                            All

12:00 Lunch break, or Adjourn Workshop                                                                      

13:30 Concluding Discussions

  • Review of Action Items by Instrument                                             All
  • Definition of a 2010 MOHAVE Timeline for Final Datasets         All
  • Updates to MOHAVE 2009 Website                                                All
  • Definition/review of Advanced Science Studies                            All
  • Workshop #2: Bern, June 28 2010, or Mid-October 2010?        All
  • Participation to upcoming conferences (Special Session?)     All
  • Contribution to Peer-review Journals (Special Issue?)             All

15:00 Coffee Break and Adjourn Workshop

15:15 Additional Discussions (if needed)

  • TBD                                                                                                          TBD

16:30 Adjourn Workshop


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